Kick Your Anxiety & Insomnia to the Curb!

Hey there!

I have spent a lot of nights, staring up at the ceiling… thinking about work and about my long “to do list” for the next day AND the idea of sleep (why am I not sleeping, come on brain turn off!)…..pretty much doing EVERYTHING but actually sleeping.
This was my childhood (which at the time, I thought this was “normal”). It is not normal to lie in bed with anxiety and not be able to sleep.  In my late teens and early adulthood I started changing my routine, I found ways to cope (some ways better than others).  Coping helps you tolerate what’s going on, but I wanted something more.

I wanted to HEAL and actually feel better day to day. Although it has been a long journey, I have made it a daily routine to incorporate more effective methods for stress management, that has in turn allowed me to sleep like a baby throughout the night.

Are you ready for this trick (hint: it’s actually a muscle that’s to blame)? Click the link below:

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Dark Chocolate, and No More Counting Calories (YES Please!)

Hello New Friend in Health!

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So  what is the definition of ‘Health’? According to WHO (World Health Organization), HEALTH is…

“A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of ideas or infirmity”. WHO, 1948.

Ok, so that’s WHO’s definition. What’s yours?

What first comes to mind….

“What’s the point of counting calories if the weight doesn’t change?”

At the grocery store, according to your current diet “can’t eat this, can’t eat that..(sigh)”?…

“Where can I get more energy to keep up with my kids [and/or grandkids]”?..

If you’re ready to cut through all the noise and learn about getting rid of stubborn fat, boost your metabolism, fix your digestion and balance your own fat burning hormones naturally – and NEVER count calories again… (while getting to eat dark chocolate)….

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